Position through △2 – WEEK04+05

●Week 04 – making the draft

I chose ‘Design Activism Challenging the Speciesist Upbringing of Children’ as my reference for Triangulation △2. This thesis is about how design contributes to the animal rights issues written by a designer. The topic is the same as my project, but the target audience and the enactments are different. In my written work, I organise the key elements of this thesis to learn what I should know about animal rights related to producing meat and compare the position between this thesis and my project.

Regarding the Written Response for the Summative Assessment at the end of this Unit, I should correct the references again for my research since I changed the context of my questioning when I narrowed down the target audience.
The list of current references is below:

In week four, I analysed both Design Activism Challenging the Speciesist Upbringing of Children and PIG CITY to see the differences and similarities from these perspectives, purposes and the final enactments.

On the tutorial, Adele and Charles gave me the feedback. The working point was that the composition was very clear so that readers could understand my intention for the project. The non-working point was that it needed deeper analysis from the many types of perspectives. They also gave me the idea to connect the reference to my studio works, for instance, adding interesting information about pigs on the package so that humans feel similar to them as an animal.

●Week 05 – finishing △2 writings

During the tutorial, Andrew gave me 1on1 feedback, mainly about further studio work. He suggested that the design work should be wider than reconstructing packaging in expressing my position through design work. For instance, making DIY tools for activists or publishing a book regarding this issue.

◎The final outcome

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