Cross Year Studio – Publishing

What I learned through this workshop:

In this workshop, we chose the book DOWN AND OUT IN BRITAIN by Jeremy Sandford. This book was published in 1971 and summarises the facts about British class society in documentary style. This man in the photo above is eating a sandwich provided by the city administration, and the author shows the issue of poverty in the working class of the UK at the time. To re-activate this publication, we started to be concerned about whether we should re-target the audience.
The target audience of the book was general people in the UK, and it should not be changed. However, 50 years have passed since publishing this book, so we can emphasise the fact that this issue has not been solved over 50 years to use this picture repeatedly.
Regarding the format of our publication, we thought to create publication which has only the picture for 50 times as the physical way. Then, we thought social networking is better to spread the fact widely now. So we designed the mockup to post this gif picture on Twitter(X).
It was a fun workshop concerned with the meaning of publication(n) and publishing(v) from different perspectives.


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