I have explored my line of enquiry, which is the question of the in-transparency of consumption, by iterating the making of publications in the last semester. 

Because there are lots of possibilities in the term ‘in-transparency of consumption’ depending on the interpretation.’ Therefore, I needed to continuously consider ‘What kinds of in-transparency am I interested in?’, ‘Why am I struggling with this topic?’ and ‘How can I make this topic more specific and/or original?’ as the reflection of my studio works. I realised how critical practice is in deepening my inquiries. Each outcome elevates the resolution of my thoughts, allowing me to gradually observe what can be the key to my project.

As a result of the final publication, I became interested in what kind of psychological effect humans seek in their consumption behaviour more than necessary and how the value of objects plays into this.

Hence, I would like to focus on researching mimicking desire from Rene Gurard and Object-Oriented Ontology to project my work that awakens people to consider how we could have a better relationship with objects and change consuming behaviour in capitalist society.

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