WEEK 06: Improvements of visual communication

{ Theme }

The theme of this week is the improvement of visual communication, which I have realised through creating the last prototype. I carefully reconsidered the size, materials, and usage of colours to make the publication more understandable without explanation.

Latest line of enquiry:

How people beg for identity, stimulation, belonging, and status through overconsumption is an act whose actuality is uncertain.

Studio Work:

How I improved:

(Layout, Colour, Structure)

  • Added the explanation of the structure of this book.
  • Moved the receipt on the first page.
  • Changed text colour to all black.


  • The cover page reflects the reader through a mirror effect and asks where your identity is.
  • The gradient shows you can be anyone you would like to.


I have iterated to capture the structure of the mass-production capitalist society while exploring my questioning using publications as a medium this semester.

One of the project’s most successful points is that I could reveal the fact that humans and products are consuming each other through the fictional narrative, but it happens everywhere in our daily lives.

However, this project is still in the middle point because I observe that I am also interested in the manipulation to keep consuming by society, and I have not considered this effect so much. Therefore, I am planning to research how people get the desire and fear to get better lives through continuous consumption.

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