Position through △1 – Week01

Feedback on the first introduction through dialogue :

・Cami advised me to decide on the target audience as specifically as possible.
・My line of enquiry was unclear: I should set the purpose of this project and relations between animal welfare and design role.
・Matthew asked me to think about What I can ‘hyper-focus in something’.
・Matthew advised me to focus on media rather than ethical issues since it is a project as a graphic designer. And I should pursue how the media can contribute to this issue.

What I did this week:

・Created the diagram(iteration)
・Setting the target audience
・Started doing the research


The topic in the previous term was about the possibilities of expressing emotional complexity through typeface design. Since the main feedback was about narrowing the target and topic itself, I decided to focus on complex feelings when people eat meat nowadays.
I start the investigation by analysing the current meat package design at a supermarket, which is one of the first touch points when people decide to eat meat. Regarding methods, I continue to use all the methods I have learned from last year.

Lines of enquiry:

Based on the diagram I created, I started thinking about what I could do as a graphic designer for animals. I am currently not vegan/vegetarian and eat meat a few times per week. However, I sometimes think about not eating meat to keep some animal’s life. It sounds better than the current habit. Even so, I still cannot stop eating meat to take protein and enjoy meals. That’s why I decided to explore another way to contribute to this issue as a graphic designer.

Target audience:

I do not want to design the package to appeal to consumers’ conscience in this project. The reason is this approach goes against the passion of farmers who look after their pigs with special care, even if it might be the most effective way to reduce the total consumption of meat. In addition, if the consumers stop purchasing feeling guilty, the meat at a supermarket will only lead to food waste. Therefore, I decided to set the target audience for the CEO of a supermarket in the UK, the company side.


I compared pork meat packages from the five leading supermarkets in the UK. Many supermarkets have two different lines, which are the best values one and the organic one(more expensive than the former). Interestingly, the label design of each supermarket is very similar. They use blue for the best value one and green/black for the organic one. The function of the package label is to tell this information: what meat, what part of the meat, expiration date, from the British, from the trusted farmer, and how to keep it. There is little information to tell about animal rights.


・I should try translating another food package design to a pork package label in order to analyse what elements of a package lead people to positive/negative emotions.
・I should analyse what elements or aspects of the food package make it feel artificial or natural.
・I should consider additional layers for people who choose not to eat pork for religious reasons.

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