Cross Year Studio – Language

What I learned through this workshop:

In today/s workshop, I created a Type Specimen A4 poster to analyse typography. I chose Monotype Grotesque, designed by Hinman Pierpont in 1926, to learn more about the Sans serif font, which has been trending for over 10 years.

There are four main categories in Sans serif font, which are Grotesque, Neo Grotesque, Geometric and Humanistic. A grotesque font was created at the beginning of the arrival of Sans serif fonts. Therefore, I thought it was appropriate to learn what Sans serif font is.

My first impression of Monotype Grotesque was cool because it includes a hand-made atmosphere created before the digital era. Especially details of curves, for example, lowercase a and r, and uppercase Q and J. Compared to humanistic fonts, which were created recently, this font looks more analogue in the details of typeface design.

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