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Methods of Cataloging 

I picked up 10 books from the packaging shelf(688.8) at CSM library and collected 175 animal printed packages. As for experiments, I tried four types of sorting : chronological sorting, making colour chart, classifying the animal categories, and classifying the usage of animal images.

Then I noticed that people do not care about the meaning of animal packages even if same animal is used for the opposite meaning on the different package. I would like to look for the reason and hidden rules on packages.

Going through hypothesis and learning about animal welfare, I tried to make the original pork meat package which has more information about animal welfare and could be able to reduce the total consumption of the meat.


What’s working:

  • Going through four types of experiments, I could find my own questioning and context, and try to represent the package.
  • I could build the design using logical reasons.

What’s not working:

  • Finding the middle point between current marketing packages and ideal packages – but not so much shocking needs deep understanding of animal welfare. I am still in the process of learning, so that there is the possibility for making these information much better.
  • I actually did lots of experiments, so that there are still possibilities that I could explore of packages.

To develop this further:

  • I would like to observe package itself more deeply, and know how can I tell information through packages.
  • I could also think about another approach, not only packages but also other media.
  • I am interested in the history of animal characters as well. these understanding might help further creativity.