Week04: Exploration and Thinking


How can I express my line of enquiry if my curiosity is about consumers more than animal rights?

Line of enquiry:

  • To explore human-centred design (NOT USER-CENTRED DESIGN) that does not sacrifice the environment and animals.
  • To visualise the consumption in a more transparent.

Studio Work:

This book shows that humans are consumers and/or users from a company’s perspective and do not have subjectivity. Additionally, as the reference book “Are We Human?” shows, humans can only grasp about 7% of our consciousness. It indicates that our subjectivity is mostly behind the subconscious, and the thinking process to get the item is blurred. Therefore, I express the situation through tracing paper and structured forms to buy things like Amazon’s UI.


I explored how I can translate the process of purchasing items through my line of enquiry, whose core is consumerism rather than animal rights. As a result, I could express how human existence becomes objective to see our purchasing process from a different point of view.

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